At Aroma Restaurant, guest satisfaction is very important. Below is some feedback we have received from our customers, as well as a simple form which will allow you to leave feedback about your experience with us.
“I would just like to thank-you so much for the fantastic experience at your cooking studio. You made us feel so at home and ease as we prepared our meal. Your were amazing with our collective 5 children giving each of them their own tasks and providing them with fun activities. You are amazing and passionate in what you do and it shows. Brandon was so excited about the whole experience that he chose to talk about it back in Toronto and his “show and tell” time at school! I have been speading the word around to all my friends about Aromas and what a great person you are and about the great staff you have. Again thank you so much for the great time, we will cherish our memories of our time at Aromas for a lifetime.”
Michelle Titchner
“I was in your restaurant this past Saturday with a group of my friends; we were celebrating my bachelorette party. I just wanted you to know what an absolutely fabulous time we had. The atmosphere was INCREDIBLE, the food was EXCEPTIONAL, our waiter Dave was FANTASTIC! My friends were talking about it the entire night! I can€™t thank you enough. You have definitely been added to our list of favorite restaurants. I wish you nothing but success! We€™ll be seeing you soon!”
Sue Lewis(Associate Manager, Conference & Event Planning, London Life)
The evening was AWESOME!!!!!!!!! They couldn€™t say enough about the entire experience. I was so glad that I could experience it and makes it so much better now when I do recommend it.
The surprise element was the best though as I am sure some would have dropped out if they would have know it was a cooking studio.
Thanks again Felipe, it was outstanding.
Bob Swidzinsky(VP Training & Development, EMCO CORP.)
“Felipe, our master chef teambuilding sessions have been a major component to our Manager Leadership program (our flagship training program) and instrumental in helping the managers understand the dynamics that make up strong teams.
Most important, our employees have FUN doing it. We continually get rave reviews about the experience which is very hands on. The laughter, the dancing that breaks out, the roll up your sleeves should I say taste the €œfruits of their labour€.
Your staff are very professional and Chef Shawn is awesome at guiding and coaching our employees every step of the way. Our program is an intensive four day leadership program that takes our managers out of their comfort zone in many ways.
Your teambuilding session is strategically positioned at the end of second day of our program to prepare the group for the challenging team assignments that are due on the fourth day. The overall experience is also the best group €œicebreaker€ and relationship builder that I am aware of. They enter your studio as individuals and come out as comrades and team mates.
In summary, Felipe, you create a team building experience that is second to none. To support that we are now flying you around the country to do exactly the same in our regional training programs.”
Dr. Victoria Siu(London Health Science Centre)
“Just wanted to say €œThank you€ for the wonderful evening at your Cooking Studio Chef€™s Club. We have been talking about how much we enjoyed the entire experience €“ wearing the chef€™s hats and aprons, dividing up to create each dish, squirting the pomegranate seeds everywhere (well only on Jo-Ann€™s white blouse) and finally eating our masterpieces in the beautiful courtyard setting.
Thank you very much for the certificate which arrived on my desk today! Just thought you would be interested to know that I used the dessert recipe three times during the holiday season €“ the filo pastry shells were a big hit and fun to make with my daughter. To make the filling calorie-wise, we used peach and strawberry yogurt €“ very tasty with additional fruits. Thanks for expanding my meager culinary skills!
Although some of our staff had initially expressed reservations about €œhaving to cook their own meal€ and grumbled about €œhaving to do teambuilding€ by the end of the night they all had a very positive experience. So thank you so very much!”
Steve Won(Executive Director, Strathroy Medical Clinic)
€œThanks so much again€¦ everyone had a fantastic time and your organization, presentation and delivery was impeccable Blackjack Online. Best wishes for the New Year and your new venture. I can€™t wait to come to your opening with friends!€
Kim Pritchard(London Health Sciences Foundation)
€œMy sincere thanks for the wonderful lunch in your new facility. The food served was delicious. Spending time with such a committed community member was truly inspirational. I look forward to working with you in the new year.€
Judy Provenzano(Uniglobe Instant Travel)
€œThanks again for a wonderful event on Friday. A great time was had by all who attended. Thank you to you and your staff.€
Darlene Hopper(Union Gas)
€œFelipe, my friends and I enjoyed ourselves tremendously. I€™d enjoy obtaining copies of the recipes for the dishes that we prepared. Please keep me posted as to the date that your new restaurant opens. Again, many thanks.€
David Brown
€œFelipe, my friends and I enjoyed ourselves tremendously. I€™d enjoy obtaining copies of the recipes for the dishes that we prepared. Please keep me posted as to the date that your new restaurant opens. Again, many thanks.€
Philip McHardy(President, McHardy Vacuum Ltd.)
€œWe do many Team Building events throughout the year and the team has selected the Chef€™s Club as their favourite to date. It was a great way to include our entire team in a fun, focused event and the best part€¦everyone liked the food! The crew you had working with us was second to none (and very patient) as Vacuum Mechanics do not normally convert to being Chef€™s quickly or easily. I would recommend this type of event to any small organization. Our people have been re-energized once again due to you good folks at Aroma. Keep up the great work€¦we€™ll see you soon.€
€œNikki and Felipe, I wanted to thank all of you at Aroma for making our Christmas Party the best one we have ever had. A great memory for all of us seeing this is our last Christmas party together. Thank you from all of us.€
Ron and Pat Finch
€œI wanted to say thank you for hosting our Chef Class on Saturday night. We had a wonderful time. The meal was delicious and even though the soup didn’t quite make the awards list and I’m sure there was some sort of mistake in the points count it was enjoyable to share the evening with some new and interesting people. Thank you again.
I would like to ask you to send me the copies of the receipes so that I can display my new talents with some of my family/test subjects. They would also like to enjoy the meal that we had. This is a great idea of yours and I plan on encouraging my children/spouses to register for the course as well in the future. They will enjoy the experience, I’m sure.€
€œGood morning Nikki, I just wanted to send a quick THANK YOU to you for your assistance with setting up our team event last evening. What a great time €“ everyone had so much fun and they are still enthused this morning €“ go team!! Please pass along my sincere THANK YOU to Filipe and his team of Chefs as well €“ what an incredibly great team they were €“ they all made it so much fun.€
Robin Greenwood(Medbuy Corporation)
€œI am hearing rave reviews of last night€™s IEP chef€™s club. Singing, dancing, competition, fun. They loved you Felipe. What a host!!! I am sorry I missed the event. Would have loved to have been there but felt ill. I€™ll be there next time!€
€œThanks to you Nikki, Felipe and your amazing staff for making our night such an incredible one. We are so pleased to have partnered with Aroma in our first fundraising venture. I can’t even count how many positive phone calls, emails, texts we’ve received today about Mind Games!!€
Alexis Walsh
€œOn behalf of all of the Imation employees we want to thank you for a wonderful evening. The food and service was amazing. Everyone has been calling to Thank me for choosing the venue. I€™m glad it worked out so well since we were saying Good Bye to 3 co-workers for their long time service with Imation. They left feeling appreciated and happy. For that, I am so thankful. We will return.€
€œJust wanted to let you know that the lunch could not have gone any better. Service, room and food were great. Thank you and your staff so much for making a special event a big success €“ I truly appreciate it.€
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