Freshly Cooked Contest – Winner Announced! 2

p>During the ‘Freshly Cooked’ Contest organized by 1031 Fresh FM listeners had a chance to showcase their favourite creative & delicious recipes. Listeners sent in videos and letters describing their dish and why it should win. Felipe judged the top three entrees and although the competition was fierce and Meratol the food fantastic there could only be one winner…

1st Place
Sue Skeffington

Runner up Recipes

Faithe’s Chicken Parmesan, with sweet peppers & zucchini
Recipe by Faithe Bobet

Amore Lasagna, with a Vodka Meat Sauce
Recipe by Laura Morke


~ above prices do not include tax and gratuity ~

  1. By Joseph Weis on 08.08.12

    How can one enroll the freshly cooked contest?